Bordeaux Bakery

Lunch Menu

Soup of the Day (Seasonal, not available in summer)

Served with cheese bread



Homemade Burgers 

Served with fresh Bordeaux Buns:

-Beef Burger, bacon, cheese

and caramelized onion $18.50

-Chicken Burger, avocado and cheese $18.50

Comes with fries and salad


Steak Sandwich

Scotch Fillet served on a Baguette

Served with Mushroom sauce

Served with Fries or Green Salad



Lemon Pepper Squid Salad

Deep fried battered squid served with a green salad and aioli.



Croque Monsieur

Layers of Brioche

 Filled with ham and white sauce

Topped with Cheese and Ham.

Comes with salad


Croque Madame

As" Croque Monsieur"

Topped with grilled tomato and poached egg



Large plate of fries

Served with tomato sauce

Homemade aioli sauce 



Potato Wedges

Served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce



For your comfort we have
Air conditioning in the mezzanine